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Chapter 40

  • Moosa's POV:
  • "Did you get the report?" I asked Owais who was leaning back on the seat of my car.
  • "Yes, the number that was written on the paper was registered on the name of Abdul Rehman. This number's current location is the Katchi Abadi on the North Eastern area of the main city. The most recent call that was done was one hour ago and the call duration was hardly two minutes. This number wasn't in use before that day and there are only two numbers of which all of the calls had been done. The first number belongs to a man named Rashid. He works in a local bank in the main city and the other is a woman..... Mrs Sherazi."
  • "Wife of Ali Sherazi?"
  • "Yes!"
  • A frown formed on my forehead. This couple was involved in a foul business for a very long time. Their thirteen year old only daughter was killed because of it, but still, the lust for money didn't leave them. Last year, Ali Sherazi also died in a car accident, like how most criminals die whenever they have become a threat to their leaders. But after that, Mrs Sherazi somehow managed to gain back the confidence of their gang and took over her husband's work.
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