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Chapter 34

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • I looked again at the box in my hand. I just received it a few moments ago with a bright red rose laid on top. It was a cell phone - the latest one perhaps, and expensive too. It may sound weird, but I am not into cell phones much. Any model or brand was fine as long as it satisfied my need.
  • I opened the box and took out the phone. I turned it on and start looking through its functions. Soon, a message popped up on the screen.
  • From: Moosa
  • 'I hope you like your gift!'
  • I quickly checked the contact list and found only Moosa's number was there. I sighed on my stupidity and put the phone to the side. Only if I had remembered Papa or Bhai's number, I could've called them. Then, my eyes landed on the rose, it was a half bloomed flower. I have never received a flower from anyone, this was the first time. I gently touched it, the soft velvety petals felt so well against my skin. I keep on tenderly grazing the edges of the petals, just like how Moosa does when he was caressing my hand.
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