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Chapter 25

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • "Answer my question." He demanded but I kept quiet with my eyes still closed, waiting for any sort of painful hit on the pull. But instead, I received a gentle kiss on the neck.
  • ~*~
  • Moosa's POV:
  • She gasped, as my lips start exploring her soft skin from her neck to the jawline. I sneaked my other hand on her lower back and pulled her closer to me. She was trembling, wiggling in my arms and I know she was crying but I don't want to stop... not now.
  • I was also aware that the thought of that man had already left her mind because all of her focus was on getting away from me. She dug her nail into my shoulders, making me hiss. I quickly changed our position and lay her back onto the couch. Hovering over her, I leaned closer and continue my exploration as far as her clothing allows.
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