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Chapter 22

  • Natasha's POV:
  • "I don't know Nats, and I don't want to know. What I want is her." He sighed massaging his temples, "I already have given her the time I can, but not anymore... I don't care if she is ready or not. I don't care if she never accepts me as her husband. All I care is she stays beside me... close to me. So, I can see her wherever I went, I can hear her voice how much I want, I can reach her and hold her in my arms whenever I want." He has a deep frown on his forehead and his breath is laboured, trying so hard to control his emotions. I have never seen him like that.
  • "This is madness Moosa. It is not love, it's selfishness." I said.
  • "Then let me be selfish Nats, just for once... let me be ... it's for the best not only for me but for my people too... you know what I do, right?... Is it wise to throw hundreds of lives in hell, just because my girl is not ready to marry me?" He paused for a moment.
  • "And Nats, it's best... especially for Noor." He dropped his head on the sofa back, dejectedly.
  • He closed his eyes and I turned away my face looking outside the window.
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