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Chapter 15

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • It has been five days since I discharged from the hospital and he has been true to his words. I came back to the room where I was staying before and he also didn't try to touch me after that day but the problem is... he hardly left me alone. When I tried to argue about it, he said that our deal was to give me time, release my brother and not to touch me. He didn't mention anything about leaving me alone.
  • Daily, I am forced to have breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner with him. I often thank Allah that He functions our body to sleep. At least I get rid of him in my sleep. Sometimes, I really creeped out by his presence, just like now. He has been staring at me for the last ten minutes without saying a single word. With an emotionless expression bearing on the face, he seems to observe every my movement and his eyes gave me the feeling that they are looking through my soul.
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