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Chapter 11

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • I couldn't eat more than one piece and couldn't stop my tears also. My mind kept on repeating all of the past events in front of my eyes. After eating, I remain there, hugging my knees to my chest. He was sitting on the couch beside mine and just stared at me without saying a single word.
  • "Go to the left. The second room from the corner is yours. All of your necessities are already in there. You can use them." He said and got up.
  • "I-I want to go home. Please... Let me go home." I pleaded, trying to control my sobs.
  • I heard him sighing, "Forget that place. You're not going back there. This is your home from now on."
  • "No-no please don't say that. I want to go to my family. I don't want to live here." I shook my head violently.
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