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Chapter 46

  • “What are you talking about?” I asked her, standing to my feet in shock. I placed both my hands by the edge of the desk to support the out of nowhere dizziness that suddenly seemed to spiral around me endlessly.
  • “You heard me Chad.” She stood to her feet as well and folded her hands across her chest. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed before looking back at me. “I took one at home first and then I did a blood test.” She opened the purse in her hand and revealed what looked like a hospital test results. This was all the proof I needed to know that she was not playing.
  • My hands reflexively went on my head. I closed my eyes and when I reopened them, she had left the results on the desk for me. I doubted there was anywhere else in the world that the news of pregnancy seemed to be so traumatic.
  • “I’m going to leave now, I can see that you are still in shock but I’m going to return so we can fully discuss this, you and I need to work these things out so take your time to recover, whether or not you request that I come back, I will definitely be back.” Although, Rebecca was talking in her normal tone, I could only hear threats. “Have a nice day Chad.” She turned around to leave, stopped to look over her shoulder and added with a small smirk, “my regards to your secretary.” With that, she took her leave from the room.
  • I still found her words unbelievable and so I remained on my feet watching the wooden door as if she was going to come back and tell me it was nothing but a lie, she didn’t…
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