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Chapter 44

  • I watched when Chad came back into the room. I felt like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders.
  • Chad spread my thighs apart with a gentle tug of them and that created enough space for him to fit himself between me. He was careful enough to avoid having to balance his weight on me. I closed my eyes when his face came even closer to mine.
  • My breathing pace changed and all I wanted to do was request that he went straight into me. He chuckled at the small moans that were coming from me before burying his face in my neck. I raised my head a little and gave him the grace to have more space and judging by the way he was sucking the skin on there violently, I knew I was in for a hickey.
  • His hand found way to my chest and he held one of my breasts, cupping it delicately while changing the position of his head, moving it down to where my other breast was. I pressed his head against my breast, making my moans louder when his tongue lingered around my areola.
  • “C..Chad.” I trailed off trying to moan his name so I could get him to penetrate me immediately. I could already feel my hormone levels rising so much that I really did not want to talk because especially knowing myself, it was only a matter of time before I managed to ruin things and interrupt a great sexual moment with stupid behavior that would cause us to laugh.
  • Chad immediately got my unspoken message and I really did appreciate that about him and so even though I was enjoying the nipple fiddling, I spread my thighs further part to allow him have access to slipping his cock in my already dripping wet vagina.
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