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Chapter 42

  • Chad did not overreact like I had expected. I thought he was going to go over the board and drag Cornelius for his obliviousness but rather, he pulled me by the waist and drew me closer to him. I was startled but I chose to play along. I almost rolled my eyes at this dramatic man when he went as far as add, “Come on Nikki, let us go home now.”
  • I had no chance to say my goodbye to Cornelius but I had to wonder how someone could be so oblivious to call a man with such an extravagant appearance, a driver.
  • As I slipped the seatbelt around me, I had to ask Chad who was focused on pulling us out of there. “Why did you come to my place of work?” I was definitely not expecting his presence.
  • “Who was that man?” He asked with an ugly frown on his face, deviating the subject of discussion.
  • “You are not going to ignore my question. Don’t think I’m answerable to anything you have to ask just because you are a man.” I reminded him. Our relationship had graduated from the boss to worker term and I felt like he was supposed to refrain from all forms of dominancy by now.
  • He started the car engine and turned to look my way, raising one eyebrow at me. “Why are you suddenly bringing genders up?” He sighed when there was no further response from me. “I came because you texted me that you were no longer going to Tom’s so I thought I could surprise you with a private ride and maybe just hang out somewhere for a little while before it is actually time for you to go home.” He said, explaining like he was some innocent child.
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