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Chapter 39

  • "Um..." I trailed off, knowing it was my turn to feel uncomfortable. My heart was beating super fast in its cage but at the time it was Chanting for Chad's penis continuously. I was going to  experience every goodness I had experienced on that night with him and I was literally here for it.
  • I closed my eyes when his face drew closer to mine by the second. We both flinched back into reality when ny phone began to ring from beside us.
  • I sat up sharply and sighed in relief when I realized that it was just a phone call. I stood to my feet to pick it up from where it sat. It was from Cornelius. I pressed my hand againstnmy forehead, looking between Chad and my phone.
  • I had no idea if I wanted to have a phone call conversation with him.
  • "Who is it?" Chad seemed to notice my discomfort and furrowed his eyebrows, moving closer to me.
  • "It's the man from the new company I was supposed to work with today."
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