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Chapter 37

  • Chad pulled away from me and I couldn't help how embarrassed I was by everything. He had gone ahead go kiss me in public, without caring that people could see us.
  • He still had his hands on my waist when he stared directly into my eyes, "let's go somewhere private to talk, I brought my car."
  • I wanted to leave the environment as soon as possible and I knew that arguing with him was only going to make things worse rather than better, so I nodded in agreement, just wanting to be far from the scene.
  • "Thank you." He said and held my hand in his leading me out of there and towards his car.
  • The black jeep was parked opposite Dtamps and Papers. When we got in the vehicle, I waited for him to start talking and when there was nothing from him, I decided to open the discussion.
  • "So how did you get here so early, don't you go to work today?"
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