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Chapter 34

  • “Where are you going?” Chad had the audacity to ask as he followed behind me while I headed down the steps.
  • I glared at him and shook my head at his sense of humour. He must have thought of me as more of a dummy than I had expected.
  • “Nikki.” He held my wrist to stop my movement. With an angry frown, I stared between his hand and his face.
  • “Okay for one, never hold me down just because you want me to listen to you. Every single time, you do that stuff. You think you can just tke control of every fucking shit because you are supposedly the boss of me but let me warn you, those fucking days are over, cunt!” I was making no moves to conceal my anger. He had gone over the board this time, and there was no going back for me.
  • “Nikki…” He let go of me and scratched the back of his neck, ‘okay, truth is I did end my relationship with Rebecca when we were at the hospital but it’s not the first time and she always 'resolves’ our problems but I meant it and…”
  • “Oh so now you can tell me that?” I scoffed at him, “What does it matter anyway?”
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