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Chapter 27

  • "Mom?" I tried to sit up but I couldn't do so, thanks to the hospital equipments that had me clipped to the bed. My eyes went wide, how could she have seen Nikki? This was doom for us. What was the point if everything? How could Nikki have been so careless.
  • She heaved a sigh, "I know it was her. I met her gaze as soon as I walked into the building and as if she was trying to confirm my suspicions, she ran off without wasting any more time." She paused to look at me for a while, Chad, why would you lie to me?" She didn't sound as angry as I expected her to be. I knew there was no point in attempting to hide the truth from her anymore.
  • I hadn't thought anyone would be able to recognize Nikki if they saw her without the expensive makeup from that day. She looked nothing like the same person in ny opinion and the mere fact that my mother of all people noticed the woman, was everything. She wasn't that pretty, was she?
  • "Mom, I have a lot of explaning to do." I knew it was the best thing to confess to her and just let everything go.
  • "You bet you do." She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Enough with the chit chat, you need to take a rest and that is exactly what you're going to do." She held my hand in a gentle grip. "I'm just so glad you're doing well and that you're alive. A lot of people lost their lives during this accident but grace found you." She sighed into my hand and I could tell she was about to cry at any minute.
  • I put my free hand up to my forehead and shook my head. "Mom it's okay, I'm doing fine." I assured her, "look, I just need to rest." I wanted to dismiss her presence and bury myself in thoughts of how busted we were.
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