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Chapter 16

  • I did all that Chad had asked me to and it was finally time to leave and head for the store like he had demanded. As I got into the matte black car, a brand I had no knowledge of- I was too poor for all of that detail- I knew this was going to be a ride of my life.
  • "Why did you change your mind? You said we would leave tomorrow or was I hearing things? Did she ask you to come today or was that a decision you made on your own?" I requested, wishing he would explain things to me.
  • "You know, if you keep asking questions like this, I might be forced to stop your pay." He threatened in his calm voice, getting into his seat belt while I took the same action.
  • "Hey, that's the only reason I'm on board with any of this. If you decide to change your mind, that's the end." I attempted to show him I had equal rights over this matter but Chad didn't look the least bit affected by my words.
  • "What store are we headed to?" I asked after we'd hit the road for at least five minutes. I watched as we rode by people in motion and stagnant objects. I threw my thoughts aloud. I knew that Chad wouldn't visit random stores. For a man with as much money as he possessed, I was certain we would be heading for a store where dresses were sold at one million dollars.
  • "Can't you just be a spectator for once?" He snapped. I was taken aback by the little amount of venom in his voice. By now, I was sure he was still mad at me from drawing him into this. Well, he had to know better that I wasn't in on this either.
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