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Chapter 13

  • I held on to the strong grip of the unknown man and tried to pull free from his touch, all to no avail.
  • "Let me go." I attempted to mumble but whoever he was, was stronger. The man in front of me pressed a handkerchief against my nose and whatever was inhaled got to me. The darkness instantly embraced me…
  • *
  • "Is what would have happened if I'd been kidnapped." I munched on an apple, devouring its sweet and delicate taste. Chad stared at me and I noticed his face twitch into a smile.
  • I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand harshly. "Want to know the most painful part?" I sniffed. My nose was clogged for reasons unknown to me, unless I wanted to blame it on sitting in a cold bath tub for thirty minutes, imagining how easy life would have been if I'd been born a cat. But I wasn't going to blame it on that.
  • "What?" He had his head tilted to the left a bit and his face was rested against his palm while he was propped up against the table with his elbow.
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