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Chapter 11

  • I laid still and motionless on his desk. I heard his approaching footsteps and soon enough, his index finger was feeling my nose.
  • "Hmm, she died." He simply muttered. I squinted one eye open a little and caught that he was staring at me. To add more dramatic effect to the scene, I stuck my tongue out,  leaning it against my left cheek, sharply shutting my eyes back closed.
  • I reopened one eye when the dialing tone from the office phone distracted me. He was calling someone. I watched his actions with interest.
  • Whoever was at the other end of the phone did not waste any time before answering.
  • "Yeah, long time no see." Chad went straight to the point. "So, that last time you called and said you needed some dead bodies for your project, is that still a thing?" He demanded to know. What was he doing?
  • I kept my eyes shut the whole time, trying my best to remain unmoving.
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