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Chapter 10 Search

  • Aiden spent a lot of time wandering from place to place, completing the orders given to him. He did not normally leave the pack grounds except for the few times his father gave him a task to accomplish. There was once a time in his youth many, many years ago where he had ventured as all those who had come of age before him out into the world.
  • He had stayed there for ten years before finding his way home and back amongst his pack mates, now he just ran errands for his father. This was one of those times when he found himself in the neighboring town to attend a meeting with another pack. Aiden had been sent on a diplomatic mission between the packs as a way to train him if you will, for when he took his father's place as beta it was an occurrence that had become regular in his life as his father tried to prepare him for his duty.
  • Usually, the young beta in training took his business quite seriously and barely enjoyed his time outside the dense forest he called home. Most young wolves were dying to see the outside world away from the pack but had no control or sense of reason and therefore, were prohibited from exiting pack territory for fear of exposure.
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