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Wolf Target

Wolf Target

Richmond roland

Last update: 2023-01-09

Chapter 1

  • In a furnished bedroom, Bailey Starr's house in LAS VEGAS. Melissa Bryan, 16, red brunette, slim, soft eyes and amazing skin is clad in underwear and stirs awake, lying in between the bed sheets, where she faces the window side before spreading her arms to feel the warmth of the bed. After a moment, Melissa sits up on top of the bed. Then walks over to the window side with a mug of coffee in her hands.
  • Bailey Starr and Melissa Bryan had been friends from birth, they did everything and anything together. People actually thought they were sisters due to their close intimacy.
  • They lived across the same street and practically grew up together. Also attended the same high school. There was no secrets between them.
  • Melissa's been in a relationship that's lasted very long.
  • After losing her boyfriend Dylan Winchester who was a thousand werewolf; an ancient line of lycanthrope that possessed powers the world had never seen passed down from generations to generations. Bestowed with the power of not turning under the full moon and spoken in legends would unite the werewolf race and usher them into an era of peace. She swore to never open her heart to another ever again. All she wanted was a fresh start. Far from home. And everything.
  • Currently, she drinks from her mug and gets lost in her thoughts, over what happened in her life a few months ago.
  • "Another day of beautiful sunrise. I stay awake and lie in my bed, wishing everything would go back to normal. To the way it was. Actually, it's been three months since i moved to Las Vegas with my best friend Bailey Starr. The weather's nice. Reminds me of home. That is, New Summer in Denver. I miss him, i miss Dylan and it hurts so much. I miss my friends: Heather Cole, Harper Allen, Vince Jackman, Vakey Cole. Well, Kevin Somers has gone AWOL. Who knows what has become of our home? Anyway, Spring break is already over. Gotta say, no one can outrun their past. No matter how fast you think you are, it always catches up to you. My name is Melissa Bryan and this is my story."
  • ______________________________________
  • Now and then, the tall buildings of Las Vegas can be seen overhead -- THE PALAZZO, EIFFEL TOWER, TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL AND DREW LAST VEGAS. Several people are standing in the street at a bus stop, pressing their cellphones. Amongst the crowd is Melissa who wore a red leggings and black crop top with a face cap on. She listens to loud music through ear buds which are connected to her phone in her armband.
  • Afterwards, Melissa is jogging down Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas which she runs past famous casinos such as GOLDEN NUGGET, FREE MONT HOTEL AND CASINO, THE MINT AND FOUR QUEENS. Also, jogs past some cars in a nearby parking lot, passes through a bridge at a park before making her way to a busy road. Then Melissa bends down to catch her breath as cars and people pass by. Hastily, Melissa checks her phone on her armband which says it's 07:35 AM. So, she starts jogging down the road.
  • The door chimes as Melissa enters a FedEx office. A man staring at a shelf smiles at Melissa who smiles back. Then she walks down to the counter and sees a black male worker in his mid thirties, Leo standing over there.
  • "Mornin.' How may I help you?," he said politely to her.
  • "Uh, i think I have a delivery under Bryan. Melissa Bryan," answered Melissa.
  • "Okay. Sorry, just a second."
  • Then Leo grabs a delivery box beside the counter table and drops it on the surface. He brings out a paper for Melissa to sign.
  • "Just sign here please."
  • "Okay."
  • Melissa grabs a pen from him and writes her signature boldly.
  • "Thank you. That'll be $25.50 cents," Leo stated.
  • The door chimes again. A curly haired man in brown leather jacket and ripped jeans walks through as Melissa stares back at him before averting her eyes. His auburn hair was soft and well combed. He's like a Disney prince in human form. He walks up to the counter and sees Melissa carrying the box by herself.
  • "Woah. Woah. Take it easy girl. You need some help with that?"
  • "No, I got it," said Melissa.
  • "You sure? A lady shouldn't be -- "
  • He tries to take the box off Melissa's hands.
  • "I said, I got it!" She answered abruptly.
  • And he raises his hands up in a non - threatening gesture. "Okay. Suit yourself. Name's Harris by the way. What's yours?"
  • She turns around. "Melissa."
  • "I guess I'll see you around. Have a nice day," said Harris.
  • "You too."
  • Melissa starts walking away and leaves the store. Surely, he was cute and was actually trying to flirt with her. But she was not taking any chances. And smiled to herself.
  • Suddenly, Harris brings out a gun and drops it on the counter table which startles the male worker.
  • "What the hell, man?"
  • "This is a robbery. Don't make sudden moves or everyone dies. Do you feel me? Good. Now show me where the stash at."
  • The male worker comes out of the back. The door chimes again as two guys in black hoodie and jeans that wore masks walk into the shop holding shotguns! The customers scream in terror.
  • "Nobody move! Stay right where you are! Don't be a hero!"
  • Harris brings out a black mask and covers his face while talking to the male worker, Leo.
  • "I'm not asking. Show me."
  • They head into a storage room full of shelves that has number tags on it. Harris and the worker walk past some shelves along the way until they see 1056 number tag shelf.
  • "1056. That's it right there. Open it up, " he said.
  • Harris drags the worker by the shirt collar and pushes him forward. Keys jingle in his hands as he brings it out of his back pocket. He was sweating as hell and crawling in his skin. Immediately Leo unlocks the door. There is about nine tons of gold stored inside, revealing that FedEx office is a front. A cash house of sorts.
  • "Holy shit," said Harris surprisingly.
  • "Do you know whose gold you're stealing? That belongs to Centineo Gomez!!," replied Leo, mustering up courage to face him.
  • Harris grabs him by the jaw and pulls him closer. They make eye contact.
  • "I ain't stealing it, I'm borrowing. Move it. Get the bag, start packing it up," ordered Harris.
  • Later, Harris walks out of the shop with a black duffel bag while the other two pointed their shotguns at customers rounded up at the counter table. They leave with Harris at the same time.
  • "Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! Let's move! Move! Move! The boys will be onto us in no time. Come on, let's go!," said Harris.
  • The trio jump into the back of an open blue minivan parked right in front if the shop. This was their getaway car. They close the door. Now, they are driving on the street. Inside the van:
  • "Can't believe we pulled that off, " said Man 2.
  • "Save it. Every dirty cops on Centineo Gomez's payroll are going to be after us. We gotta get out of here. Can't this thing go any faster?," said to Harris to Man 3, the driver.
  • "Chill out dude. I'm going as fast as I can," he replied.
  • The driver stares at the side mirror and sees a police cruiser behind them with the lights flashing red and blue down the street. The getaway breathed heavily and floored it. In his heart of hearts, their slim chances of survival had been reduced to zero.
  • "We got a problem. The cops --"
  • "Those aren't real cops. They're dirty cops. Hurry up! We'll lose them in the alley. Stick to the plan, " said Harris. He was bold and confident. Almost like he had some trick up his sleeve.
  • The black van drives through an alley. There is a Toyota car up ahead, parked beside the road. The black van hits the Toyota car's bumper which now shifts the car and blocks the road. The police cruiser tires squeal as the brakes were hit so hard as they had been cut off and can no longer follow them. Meanwhile, the black van drives through a dark entrance and disappears.