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Chapter 18 18 Slap in the Face

  • I searched on my phone about the biggest mall in the country and the ride for sure will be long. It's out of the city and probably the traffic will also be cramped on the way there. But in the end, I still have to get in that mall to humiliate those girls once more and with a bigger audience at that. 
  • "Drop me off at the SM Mall of Asia." With my authoritative voice, the driver immediately did as I ordered him to. He drove and he even chose the shortest route with the minimal traffic ahead. This is all done just to get me in the mall that I uttered in the shortest amount of time as possible. 
  • I took my earphones and played some music on my phone. I hummed along the music as I scrolled down to my social media accounts. I was surprised to see that my posts garnered a lot of views and reactions. I even got bombarded with a lot of notifications from comments to my posts on my social media accounts. The pinging sounds caused by the notifications must have hurt my ears. Now, all I can hear is the constant ringing inside. 
  • I took my earphones far from my ears and silently prayed for the ringing to stop. At the same time, I also turned off the notification button for all of my social media accounts. I do not wish to experience the same thing twice and one after another. It's better for me to be safe than sorry. 
  • And almost at the same time, I saw an Instagram live that was made by Fenix on his social media account. I haven't heard about them yesterday since none of them joined my  video call on Messenger. I fixed myself in the mirror I owned before sending a request to join the Instagram live. 
  • Once I have sent it, after only a few seconds, Fenix must have noticed my request and immediately accepted it.  "Hey!!!~" he instantly greeted me after I got in. "Yohoo~" I greeted him back like I normally do, and the fans noticed my sudden appearance and they became wilder because of that.
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