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Willow (The Cursed Dragon-Wolf)

Willow (The Cursed Dragon-Wolf)


Update: 2021-11-01

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

  • The Curse (The Chained Dragon-Wolf) Part 1 Supernatural Realm: A young girl of about 10 years old was seen carrying a bowl filled with red apples. She was taking it to the Dragon Queen's Chamber as she walked the long passage that leads to the Queen's room. She started humming a tune the Queen's youngest son had taught her, shaking her head. Her dark long hair danced along with her. "Leona." A voice whispered prompting the little girl to stop her humming and turn to look behind her, her Hazel eyes widened. Standing before her was a lady, her face was twisted and wrinkled but her body looked young. One of her eyes were closed and looked rotten and the other half looked good.'Where had she come from?' Leona pondered in thought. "Are you the one who called me ma'am?" Leona demanded,she was not scared of the strange lady at all. "Yes, I did." The strange ugly looking lady answered in whispers. "Okay, you have my attention ma'am, how did you get into the Palace of the Dragon King? Did you lose your way?" Leona questioned. "I did not lose my way Leona, I came here to see you." The strange ugly looking lady responded with a smile. "To see me? Why?" The little girl queried. "Can I have one of your apple's, please." "The apples are not for me ma'am, they are for the Dragon Queen, but you can take one." Leona said and stretched forth her little hands towards the strange ugly looking lady, who smiled and grabbed hold of one red apple. She looked behind the little girl with fascination. "Who is that?" She asked, pointing at nothing in particular,and that grabbed Leona's attention, who quickly turned to look behind her, to see what the old lady was pointing at, it was empty. The strange ugly looking lady opened her rotten eye and a maggot fell down into the apple and was quick to enter into the apple. "There is no one in here except you and I ma'am." Leona told the lady. "Maybe my good eye deceived me." The lady said apologetically. Leona's eyes went to the apple in the lady's hands and to her utter surprise, saw that the red apple was gold and no longer red. "How did you do that ma'am?" Leona asked with knee interest. "I did magic on it." The strange ugly looking lady replied. " Really?" Leona asked eye-widened. "Yes, I have magic and I teach you how to turn apples into any colour of your choice,but you have to do something for me." The lady said and that perked Leona interest the most, she continued, giving the golden apple to Leona who collected it. "Don't give this apple to, Jay, Lillian or Kate, but give this apple to Willow, Jay's younger brother, can you do that for me?" Leona nodded her head. "Yes ma'am, Willow and I are best of friends." "Good, make sure he eats the apple, if you do a good job, I will fulfill my promise." The lady said and heard the footsteps of someone heading their way. "Someone is coming, I will see you soon." She added and disappeared. Leona turned around to continue her journey to the Queen's room when she came across the Queen's handmaid. "What kept you so long Leona?" Hiding the golden apple behind her, "Sorry M'lady,I was just-" Forcibly collected the bowl of red apples from her and interrupted her. "Hold your excuses child, no one wants to hear that." She told Leona rudely, "Go to the kitchen and find something to do there, wash the plates, mop the floor or help in the cooking." She added, turned around and went back to the Queen's room. ***** One Hour Later.... "Hello Willow." Leona greeted the young prince of Dragons , who is her friend. She had entered the Prince chamber and saw the Prince drawing. Willow, a young boy of 12 years old smiled as he saw Leona. He has black hair, he has two colour eyes, one was green and the other was amber. He had told her to always call him by his name whenever they were alone. Leona was an orphan, her late mother was the Queen's handmaid who died after her Mate, who.had died when he challenged Ares to a fight. "Hello Leona, come and see my painting." "I will see your painting later Willow, I got you something, you will like it." Leona said, her beautiful young face lightened up as soon as she smiled. "You got something for me? Where is it?" Willow demanded eagerly. Leona presented the golden apple to him. "This is it." "Wow, is this really a golden Apple?" At Leona nods , Willow continued. "I haven't seen one before and it's for me?" "Yes Willow." Taking the golden apple from her, Willow stared at it in shock. "Thank you Leona." "I have to get going, I was cleaning the kitchen before I sneaked into your chamber to give you that." Leona said and was out of his chamber.Willow was still staring at the golden apple when his elder brother, Jay, walked into his chamber. "Is that a golden apple?" Jay, a young boy of 15 years old strode into the chamber and collected the apple from Willow. Just like Willow, he has dark hair and his eyes are green. "Hey, give me back my apple." "I won't give it back to you Willow, it's now mine." Jay said and took a bite out of the apple. "I will report you to father." "He won't do anything to me. I am a full Dragon and the crown Prince who will take after him someday, you on the other hand is not a full Dragon. You carried part of Wolf genes of mother which is disgusting, a true dragon blood never submit to other creatures." Jay mocked him. "But father did when he wanted to marry the Princess of werewolves.""That's because mother is his mate." Jay said. "Whatever, you can have the apple I will get another one." Jay smiled as he took another bite from the apple. "Why are you in my room?" "Nothing, just to look for your trouble." Jay said and left Willow's chamber. _____ Leona was alone in the servant quarters, she was cleaning it when the strange ugly looking lady appeared to her. "Did you give the apple to Willow?" "Yes ma'am, he collected it from me." "Did he eat it?" "I didn't stay to see that but he collected the apple from me." Leona answered."I have done as you asked, can you now teach me what you promise." "Of course child, draw closer to me and let me whisper it into your ears." She said smiling.Leona did as she said and once she was close enough, the lady placed her left hand on Leona's head and a dark shadow entered into her body. Her once Hazel eyes became solid dark. The strange lady crouched down to Leona head level and smiled which Leona returned with her own. "You know what to do." "Yes mistress." Leona responded, her voice still normal but her smile grew cold. "You remember how to say the curse correctly?" "Yes mistress." "Then be ready." She said and disappeared. No sooner had she disappeared, one of the servants, a male, ran into the servants quarters. "You are being summoned by the King." He told Leona. Nodding her head, she left for the throne room with the male servant trailing behind her. Opening the large Oak door that leads to the throne room,she saw King Henry, his wife Lucia, Lillian, Kate and Willow. Some dragon warriors came into the throne after her and stood behind her. On the floor in front of the King laid Jay's lifeless body. "What did you give to my son ?" King Henry demanded, his green eyes shining in fury. "Nothing your Highness." Leona answered without fear. King Henry stared at Willow for a brief moment and returned his gaze at Leona. "Dragons don't die, especially when they are Royals, whatever you had given him killed him. Again I ask, what did you give to my son?" "I did not give Prince Jay anything, my King." "Bring it." King Henry commanded and one of the servants carried a tray, on it was the golden apple, rotten and filled with maggots. "Willow said you gave him the apple which Jay took from him and ate.""I did not give Prince Willow any apple." Leona said and turned her gaze to the shocked young prince. "Tell them the truth, why are you lying against me?" The strange ugly looking lady who watched what was happening through her large mirror hanging on the wall of an unknown Cave, shook her head in anger. The first son of the Dragon King, isn't who she wants.