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Chapter 17 Peace

  • Randall's day began like any other. He had a quickie with his wife, helped his children prepare for school, bathed, dressed, and had his breakfast. He stepped out of the house, wished his kids goodbye, called the office, and was about to step into his car when his skin turned cold, reacting to the crispness of the weather.
  • The sky turned dark, and the wind made his jacket come to life, stirring like a thing wishing to be tossed into the turbulence. Randall looked to the sky, and he saw a bright flash of fire that vanished behind dark clouds. There were bangs, and the crackling of thunder. Lightning flashed, and a storm attacked the calm ocean on the other side of the village.
  • It was loud all around, it seemed the world was about to crack open and spew forth demons. The ground shook, then there were more repeated flashes of fire. It wasn't the season of cold or snow. It was summer. But it wasn't an argument you'd have with the chill creeping up all around you.
  • As he ran to his door, he thought about his children, and stopped in his tracks. He looked in the direction they went, the tremor within the earth made him fall with his back to the ground.
  • ***
  • Rose destroyed a mountain of ice Claire sent her way, turning it into snow.
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