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Chapter 7

  • Christiana's POV
  • He raked his hands in his hair, frustrated about the situation at hand. He wanted to speak but was in short of words. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but there was nothing to talk about. I'm with you and not her." He whispered, trying to prove a point I wasn't interested in.
  • I scoffed, folding my arms across my chest, "And. She. Kissed. You. On. Your. LIPS!" I clapped back.
  • "I was caught unawares. You were there, you saw it too." He explained, his voice louder than before and that hurt me as I felt he was shouting on me.
  • "Because that makes it any better!"I spat out turning to leave him. That night, I didn't speak to Andrew. He tried speaking to me but I ignored him. The main reason I was mad was because of how badly his mother  treated me. She didn't welcome me and she had pushed me away for other things as soon as we met. When she said Vanessa was family, did she plan on them getting married? The thought of Andrew with another girl made me furious, let alone imagining him getting married to someone else.
  • The next day, I woke up to an already dressed Andrew waiting for me to get ready. He had said we were going to meet his grandparents today.
  • I thought Andrew lived in a mansion but it was more like an estate. The land seemed to span for miles. Andrew had his own house within the estate, and so does the rest of his family. The mansion was their main house, a place for family gatherings and the like. His grandparents live in a huge cottage called a bungalow, it was unique and quaint. 
  • We drove in his car to his grandparents' place, passing the stunning landscape. Once we arrived, I found that his granny was friendly and nice. Unlike his mom, they both welcomed me.
  • The architect who built the house did an amazing job. There was a variety of different flowers in the garden, a crystal clear pool, and a spacious patio complete with a combined swing chair. It was a sight to see, to say the least.
  • I sat down with my legs in the pool staring at the captivating scenery, when Andrew approached me. Throughout the visit, he and I weren't on good speaking terms. I was still mad about the kiss.
  • "Are you still mad?" He asked but I did not reply.
  • "I'm sorry." He started and sat down beside me. "Vanessa was my childhood friend and my first girlfriend. Though we didn't go through a traditional breakup, we both knew that we were no longer an item."
  • "Do you love her?" I blurted. I wanted to be sure. She wouldn't run to kiss someone if she didn't have feelings for them.
  • He chuckled. "Yes, but only as a friend. It's you, I love Christiana. Nothing will change that. It's you and me forever. You are my life." He said.
  • "But I'm not your first love," I answered in a whisper, sure that he heard me.
  • "Is that what you think?" He asked me.
  • "Is there a reason I shouldn't think so?" I retorted. He smirked and stood up, offering his hand. "Come on, there are many things to show you."
  • Andrew's POV
  • It's been a week since I returned to America. Things are a little... different. I mean it is my home country but I've been gone for so long that it feels different. But one thing that makes my time here a little better is the love of my life.
  • This entire trip would have been perfect if my mom wasn't acting so rude to Christy and if Vanessa hadn't kissed me on my lips. Damn it!
  • I know we didn't officially break up but that's because there was never a need to in the first place! We were just FWB. I did like her as a teenager and she was my childhood friend. But when I confessed, she told me we couldn't because it would ruin our friendship if we broke up. So we agreed on a no-strings-attached thing. When we graduated from high school, she left for England without telling me, another reason I needed a change of environment.
  • "Andrew! Come down so we can start the celebration!" Estella interrupted my thoughts.
  • Rachael's nineteenth birthday is today and the entire mansion was set. It was going to be a big celebration but the invites were small in number. Rachel also invited her boyfriend. I sighed, my little sister is no longer little.
  • The party was meant for close family and friends. Rachael wanted it small and had an argument with my mom over it; mom wanted a huge gathering but Rachael wanted a modest get together.
  • Their fighting reminded me of my eighteenth birthday, mom chose everything from my cake to my outfit. She has a very overbearing personality. If she didn't get what she wanted, she'd go cry to father, and him being her loving husband he would give her what she wanted.
  • I was getting dressed for the birthday party when I saw the love of my life come out through the bathroom. A towel was wrapped around her, revealing her thighs and legs.
  • I began to imagine what I could do to that alluring body of hers. I walked to her slowly and my heartbeat raced. It was obvious she turned me on, it's like I can't get enough of her. She gasped when she felt my touch from behind. She was standing in front of a mirror, drying her hair with a hand dryer. I leaned down and peppered kisses across her neck.
  • She moaned lightly, "Damn it, baby!" I cursed.
  • "I want you right now," I moaned, my lips still on her neck.  I spun her to face me and claimed her lips in one move, making the towel fall from her body. I smiled in admiration, her body was perfectly made and there was no better shape than hers. 
  • I claimed her lips again and she unbuckled my belt. Then and there I drove her to ecstasy.
  • Now I have to take another shower, curse you, Andy!" She whined after we finished pleasuring each other. "You weren't complaining when I was inside you," I remarked with a smirk. Suddenly there was a loud bang against the door.