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Chapter 3

  • “It was a fine kiss.”
  • I glanced away as I whispered, “It was my first kiss.”
  • That made him pause. I could tell he was staring at me again. Legs, shorts, stomach, boobs. My arms crossed over my chest on their own. When I glanced back, he pressed his lips together and stared at my face with a serious expression.
  • “I’m honored you picked me.”
  • I couldn’t tell if he was humoring me or if he meant it. “Would you kiss me again?” I whispered, the control I’d managed slipping away again.
  • He didn’t move for a moment. Then he placed his hands on either side of me and lowered his face to mine. After searching my eyes, he kissed me. My hands moved on their own to circle around to his back. Touching his damp skin, I pulled until I lifted myself up against him. I don’t know what he intended, but I wanted a real kiss.
  • I was on fire for him now. The lava in my stomach boiled out and left me wanting to rub myself again. Somehow I knew this time would be different. Maybe I’d find out what all those clinical sounding words felt like.
  • There was a moment when I thought he would pull away, but then I felt his lips part and his tongue tickle along my lips. The rush of tingles made me moan into his mouth and he took the moment to dip his tongue between my lips to touch mine. The sensation made me want to open up to his touch. Clutching his back, I ran my fingers into his hair and felt him moan in return. He broke the kiss, but I refused to let him go.
  • “We gotta stop. This isn’t right. Your brother will beat me to death if he catches us.”
  • “Just a little more,” I begged, all composure gone. The need consumed me like nothing I’d ever felt. Before he could answer, I pushed my mouth against his and claimed him. The rough skin along his lips added texture to the kiss. He fought for a moment, but eventually lowered us both back down.
  • He still sat next to me on the bed, but feeling his weight pressing me into my mattress did something in my panties. For the last few years my vee drooled like a toothless old woman. I’d been wearing panty liners to keep from wrecking all my good panties, but this wasn’t like it usually was. This time my panties felt slippery and I had the compulsion to rub against something. Anything. Mark.
  • I ran my hands along his sides so I could rub his shoulders and back. He shivered and sucked air as my fingers traced up his neck and into his hair. It made me feel powerful and I hadn’t expected that. He was reacting like I was irresistible. Me!
  • “Stop,” he begged. “Please, I can’t do this.”
  • I rubbed my hands over his chest when he lifted himself up. Doing that had just given me more access to his body. His eyes fell to my chest as I tweaked his flat brown nipples. He stopped moving away as my thumbs brushed them and drew them into tight peaks.
  • Before he could move away, or I lost my nerve, I drew my t-shirt up, arching my back to get it off in one fast pull. His eyes remained riveted to my chest. My puffy nipples were standing up as hard as they’d ever been before.
  • “Damn,” he whispered at the sight.
  • I had to touch them so he would touch them. The logic made no sense, but it made sense in my head. I palmed them first, then pinched the nipples as I drew them out. Sparks shot down my stomach. His rapid breath fluttered against my skin, prickling my flesh.
  • “Please?” I begged. I don’t know what I was asking him for, but whatever it was I needed it like oxygen.
  • His eyes glued to my chest, he lowered his mouth to my right nipple and placed a gentle kiss on the tip. The whimper I made seemed to awaken him and he opened his mouth to cover the whole thing. His flat tongue licked my nipple, swirling slow circles all around it. I arched my back and flexed my toes to grip the sheets.
  • “Yes,” I hissed. The heat of his mouth made me boil to steam.
  • His hand covered my other breast, rolling the puffy tip between his thumb and finger. I reached around his head to hold him there, more afraid he would stop than continue. He switched nipples, making the dry one as wet as the first. I could only cling to his head and bite my lip to keep from crying out and giving us away to my brother in the next room.
  • Then his hand moved down my stomach, making the muscles pull away from his tickling touch. It also made it easier for his fingers to slip under the elastic band of my shorts and into my heat. I needed to kiss him again so I pulled until he came to my lips. He ate my mouth, biting and licking like I was food and he was starving.
  • My attention was split between his gasping mouth and his dancing fingers. He kissed down my chin to suck along my neck while I clung on. The sensation of someone touching my vee for the first time made me whine deep in my throat. His fingers traced around for a while, a delicious moment that made me jerk and gasp in response.
  • Then his fingers split me, rubbing up and down inside my panties until my legs fell apart. Each stroke made me shudder and gasp. It had never felt this way when I’d done it myself. In fact, I’d never imagined pleasure could feel like this. The pace increased as my hips rocked into his touch. I gripped him hard enough to quiver from the tension.