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Chapter 43

  • Lauren Chatwin had the best honeymoon one could ever dream of. Stanley, her husband went out of his way to make it memorable and she appreciated all that he surprised her with. 
  • Their honeymoon ended with a grand celebration of Anita's birthday. Ann shed a lot of happy tears when she was surprised by her family and very close friends. Celebrating her birthday in one of her favourite places in the world with people she loves most was the best birthday gift she could ever ask for. 
  • There and then, she understood the reason for Jake and Stanley's secrecy. She had hugged the hell out of them and her husband for making her day memorable. 
  • They all returned in time to California for Peanut's baby shower and emotional would be an understatement to describe what Stanley and Lauren felt. Most especially Stanley who unexpectedly couldn't stop shedding happy tears. Everyone, including him, was surprised about his reaction because they were all expecting Lauren to be the more emotional one. 
  • Turned out Stanley was just overwhelmed by the beautiful surprise baby shower- even though they sort of knew about it-, He was overwhelmed by the love and gifts given to them and peanut, overwhelmed by the reality that Peanut would be with them soon and most importantly, he couldn't believe how happy and fulfilled he was. God has blessed him with everything he prayed for. 
  • "Breathe my love, just like we've been practising, " Stanley said to Lauren, It was almost time for her to push. 
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