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Chapter 41

  • Lauren considered herself extremely blessed to be surrounded by those who love her and won't hesitate to go an extra mile for her. 
  • She has heard that planning a wedding was not an easy thing and most importantly, there would be disappointments here and there but thankfully, the few disappointments that occurred during the preparations were nothing that couldn't be solved with an alternative. 
  • Stanley made sure he hired the best wedding planner in the country, Rachael Broom. She worked diligently with the bride and groom, taking into consideration their preferences and most importantly, making everything match Lauren's taste. 
  • Just like Jake, Lauren's mom and Sister, Abby arrived a little over a week ago to help with the wedding preparations. 
  • Wrenny was glad to see her mom and sister again. She was excited to give them a tour of her home and fill them with everything that has happened to her since they last saw each other. 
  • Jenny, Lauren's mom, stayed in Stanlaur's home for a few days after which she moved to the Chatwin's mansion on Brenda's invitation so they could properly plan their children's wedding. 
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