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Chapter 28

  • Stanley was able to get in touch with his doctor who recommended an ob-gyn, Charlotte Nice. He made an appointment on behalf of Lauren which was at 10 am tomorrow. 
  • Stan wanted Lauren to take the day off work because he felt that she needed more rest but it ended up not happening. Wrenny assured him she was fine and fit to go on with her every day's activities. He agreed on the account that he was going to bring her home if she gets slightly tired. 
  • Stan's eyes never left Laurens' throughout work. They both had breakfast before they left her apartment this morning and he made sure she had a healthy snack for brunch and a proper meal for lunch. 
  • After Lauren's confession yesterday, Stanley was determined to always make her happy and feel worthy of herself. (with or without a baby). All Dan said to her was bullshit and nobody deserves to be humiliated like that, most especially Lauren who was the most caring and selfless person he has ever met. 
  • He was happy she was back to her normal self and now feels comfortable about peanut. Stan still couldn't believe he was almost a Daddy to a tiny human, having someone looking up to him for almost anything he or she needs. Lauren was honestly the best thing that has ever happened to him. 
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