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Chapter 26

  • Daniel and I used to be lovers. We dated for a reasonable time which made us think we were truly meant for each other. Almost everyone in his family knew me and same as mine. He was kind of like the son my mom never had and the brother Abby never had. 
  • "The day I found out I was pregnant with Daniel's child was one of the best days of Daniel's life and my life too and the day I had a miscarriage was the worst day of my life."
  • "A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant with Dan's child, things were not very rosy between us. He was being so distant and hardly hard time for me. But things went back to normal and became even better when I told him that I was expecting his child."
  • "He loved me more, he became more possessive of me and to some extent, he became clingy just to make sure myself and the baby were alright. He hardly let me raise a finger even though I was just three weeks far."
  • "But everything came crashing down when I miscarried." Fresh tears rolled down Lauren's cheeks and she didn't bother to wipe them off this time around. 
  • "I became disgusting in Dan's eyes and he blamed me for it. He said I murdered our baby, he called me horrible names and he made it clear to me that maybe it was better that I lost the baby because of how irresponsible I would be as a mother. He said the baby deserved a better mother than me."
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