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Chapter 18

  • Stanley stepped out of his walk-in closet into his bedroom, all dressed up for his birthday dinner and for a second, he forgot how to breathe as soon as he sighted the love of his life who was looking so gorgeous. 
  • She was putting on a designer dress that fits her perfectly well. Her hair was put down just like how he likes it and she had little makeup on, with a matching pair of heels. 
  • Lauren didn't even notice him, She was busy trying to clip her necklace. 
  • Since they both have a family dinner to attend to this evening, Stanley was able to cajole Lauren into spending the weekend with him in his home. 
  • "Here, Let me help you." He said as he approached her. 
  • She handed him the necklace and he clipped it for her almost immediately. Stan placed a kiss on her shoulder before he gently twirled her around. 
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