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  • A red streak, like blood, floods across the floor; it is a light falling
  • through the door which is now thrust open.
  • Wanda appears on the threshold, wrapped in her sables, holding a lighted
  • torch.
  • "Are you still alive?" she asks.
  • "Are you coming to kill me?" I reply with a low, hoarse voice.
  • With two rapid strides Wanda reaches my side, she kneels down beside me, and
  • places my head in her lap. "Are you ill? Your eyes glow so, do you love me? I
  • want you to love me."
  • She draws forth a short dagger. I start with fright when its blade gleams in
  • front of my eyes. I actually believe that she is about to kill me. She laughs,
  • and cuts the ropes that bind me.