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  • Whenever the train stops, I jump off, run to her carriage, and with drawn cap
  • await her orders. She wants coffee and then a glass of water, at another time
  • a bowl of warm water to wash her hands, and thus it goes on. She lets several
  • men who have entered her compartment pay court to her. I am dying of jealousy
  • and have to leap about like an antelope so as to secure what she wants quickly
  • and not miss the train.
  • In this way the night passes. I haven't had time to eat a mouthful and I can't
  • sleep, I have to breathe the same oniony air with Polish peasants, Jewish
  • peddlers, and common soldiers.
  • When I mount the steps of her coupe, she is lying stretched out on cushions in
  • her comfortable furs, covered up with the skins of animals. She is like an
  • oriental despot, and the men sit like Indian deities, straight upright against
  • the walls and scarcely dare to breathe.