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  • When I said good-night to her to-day she seemed suddenly unaccountably
  • distracted and moody. What was occupying her?
  • "I am sorry you are going," she said when I was already standing on the
  • threshold.
  • "It is entirely in your hands to shorten the hard period of my trial, to cease
  • tormenting me—" I pleaded.
  • "Do you imagine that this compulsion isn't a torment for me, too," Wanda
  • interjected.
  • "Then end it," I exclaimed, embracing her, "be my wife."
  • "Never, Severin," she said gently, but with great firmness.
  • "What do you mean?"
  • I was frightened in my innermost soul.
  • "You are not the man for me."
  • I looked at her, and slowly withdrew my arm which was still about her waist;
  • then I left the room, and she—she did not call me back.