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Haemi Writes

Update: 2021-01-07

Chapter 1

  • Prologue
  • 10 years ago...
  • My mother indescribably shaking under the bed with me and Tony. And I hear some gunshot noise and I cringe and put my both hands on my ears.
  • "Rose, honey. you have to promise me that no matter what will happen you will take good care of your baby brother." My mom said in a muffle voice, I could see her tears falling down her cheeks. I don't really understand what's happening but it feels like it's not the time to ask questions to my mom. I nodded.
  • "You have to keep this. don't take it off no matter what Rosie, you have to promise me." My Mom said wiping her tears. She lend me the necklace with an oval pendant that looks so antique to me.
  • "I promise Mommy." I said, while I'm crying.
  • "I'll destruct him and you both can escape. run as fast as you can, never let go of your brother. Okay?" My mom asked. I nodded. "That's my goodgirl. Remember You and Tony are the best things that happened to me and your father. Never forget this, We love you both Alway and Forever."
  • My mommy kissed me and Tony on the forehead and help herself get out of the bed. I saw a black metal in her hands-- A gun.
  • Before she walks out of the room, she mouthed to me 'Now'. I grabbed Tony on the floor and made our escape towards the terrace where a ladder was standing for emergency reasons--like this situation. I struggle to use the ladder because Tony is a bit heavy. gladly, when my foot meets the floor. Then I heard a fired gun noise, I cringe and began to start crying. But I couldn't stop running, because If I stop they will catch me and they will hurt us. So I ran like hell is coming after me. I saw a light-- A car, My Grandpa's Car. I ran towards it. And Saw A man. I jumped to him, and feel his warm embrace.