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  • Now i finally realized where all these hatreds of Simon for Peter are coming from. He hates him because he loves my mother, and he was always a second choice  unlike my father. The envy he felt for Peter drove him to do unforgivable things. Its driving him mad.
  • Francis asked Elliot to move me while my hands are bound behind me, so he can see me closely. He touched my chin, his eyes judging me.
  • “You look exactly like Peter, you're the girl version of him. You fight like Peter and you think like Peter.” I don't know if he's complimenting me or what, i stayed quiet.
  • He looks at me intently, like he's trying to remember something. His eyes blazing, and turned cold suddenly.
  • “When your father first arrived to me, he was just an sickly infant  and i just lost my wife and son. At first, i told my men to throw him because he would be a lot of work and i could see that he was weak and probably won't live long enough for him to have his first mission. One midnight, i had a dream of my wife and son, they were still alive in that dream and it felt so real it almost break my soul to pieces.” Francis said, as he rests his hands above his knees and lean on his wheelchair. “I woke up by the sound of a crying infant, reminds me how my son cries when he was just a baby. Before i knew it i was walking down the corridor towards where the crying of an infant came from. Then there he was wailing, begging for a milk. I let him drink a milk, his eyes open they were ocean blue eyes like yours and my son’s. He still whimper even though he was already drinking his milk. There was something about him that makes me want to live my life even though there really  wasn't any reason to be anymore. I fed him myself, dressed him better than any of my orphans and taught him myself. Everyone thought he was weak, but i watched him as he grows up, he becomes stronger than anyone. And, I watched him fall in love with your mother. I basically taught him everything and I love him as if he's my own until he betrayed me.” His voice was laced with pain and cold, shuts his eyes as if he's in great pain. 
  • I want to know how did my father betrayed him when he's the one who actually betrayed my parents? Why does he sounds like he's the victim in this situation. I look at Zayn, he's hurt. He have a blood on his lower lip and he was clenching his jaw. His eyes hurt as he lay gaze upon Simon. He's not just hurt physically, but emotionally. Simon betrayed him, the man who raised him and mold him into a man he is now. I want to reach to him and hug him and make him feel that he's not alone, that he has me, his sister. I still feel the pang of pain whenever i remind myself that i will only be his sister. The world is truly cruel, for i am in love with my own flesh and blood.
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