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Chapter 9

  • Zayn was lying, he said the water was warm, it was cold when I stoop down.
  • "Hey, there's a snake at your side." Zayn shouts. I surprisingly jumped into him, my hands are on his neck and his hand are wrapped around my waist. He laugh loudly.
  • "Oh my god, Where?" I cried. His bare hands touches my waist, I didn't noticed his shirt rise up to my stomach and my panty are showing. Damn. Because of my frantic reaction toward the snake, I didn't notice how closed we are until. He stop laughing and looks at me intently. Anxiety build up again through me. My heart is banging against my chest. He caresses my waist, every touch he's giving me, sends fire through me.
  • I don't know what to do but my body is oddly shaking. I was about to let him go but he slammed his lips to mine.
  • As his tongue explores, it ignites my whole body. He kissed me hungrily. He raised me, and I hook my legs to his waist with ease. I grip his hair tightly. He bites my lower lip, I couldn't help but moan. I don't know when do we stop but all I know is, I don't want us to stop.
  • We were pulled out by a gun noise. We both turned our head in unison towards the Calabera's mansion. I jumped out of him and pulled down his soaked shirt. I didn't bother to wear my pants and sweater or my boots. We both ran in the house with bare feet and soaked cloths.
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