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Chapter 25

  • I've never felt so terrible in my whole life until now. Ever since Peter was kidnapped, I haven't been myself. Like there's something part of me is missing, Like a puzzle with a missing piece. I've only known Peter for six days as my father, but it felt like I've known him forever, although I spent my half life finding him. Who would have thought, the man you wanted to kill is your real- Father. My life is so messed up. And now I felt so guilty, or was it conscience? I don't know...
  • No matter how many times I snapped at him, he didn't even had a second thought about trading himself for me. Was that an act? Does he regrets it now? I don't know what think anymore, everytime my mind crosses him. Skepticism never leaves my mind.
  • I sigh, frustrated to myself, to Zayn, to Peter and to everyone.
  • A hands drapes around my waist.
  • "What are you doing here, alone?" Justin says gently, almost soothing.
  • His chin digging at my shoulder.
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