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Chapter 10

  • I look at myself at the full length mirror, I caress my lower lip using my thumb. The memory of how Zayn bites it pops In my head. I shrugged it away. I'm trying to pretend that it didn't happened, for a good reason. I came here because Simon is gonna help me to find Peter, not to messed with Zayn. I should be more careful with my acts. Messing around with Zayn will ruin my plans, And I shouldn't let that happen. My concentration right now should be to Grams' and Tony's safety.
  • I made my way to Simon's office. I knock on the door and it swungs open.
  • "Good morning, Rose." Simon greets me. I smiled at him.
  • "Good morning Simon. So, is there any updates to Damien? Did he tell you anything?" I asked curiously.
  • "Not yet, but he will, soon." Simon assures me.
  • "Anyway, Tony and I have to get home because our grandfather is starting to worry about us. Just fill me in, if anythings happens." I said. I wrote my number on a small paper and gave it to him.
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