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Chapter 10 Is he really going to do that

  • "What exactly are you saying? Are you a homosexual? I know you're attempting to deceive me." Olivia reacted by staring at Darwin, who was in Confusion.
  • He was drooling over Olivia's sexy body a few seconds ago, not sure how erotic he was thinking, and then he's told he's Someone's boyfriend in the blink of an eye.
  • "Wait, what the fuckk?" Darwin murmured, attempting to break free from Adrik.
  • "What the hell are you saying, leave me alone? What is the name of your boyfriend? I prefer women to men "Darwin murmured as he struggled to get Adrik's hand off his waist.
  • "Stay silent and act like my boyfriend. Otherwise, once she's gone, I'll take you back to that haunted building, tie you up with a bomb, and press the remote control of your bomb with my own hands. I'll kill you in a very mysterious way that no one will ever know about "Adrik murmured grinning his teeth close to his ears.
  • Darwin's stopped struggling, and he wrapped his hand around Adrik's shoulder.
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