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Chapter 5 Surprise In Many Ways

  • After the movie ends; Zen hears the phone ringing, he answers, and shortly he goes to the lift and presses in the password to open the door.
  • Chef arrives with a basket of sushi, and Norway Salmon, Rice, Miso Soup, Green Tea. As the built-in kitchen has all the knives and other utensils, Chef doesn't need to bring them.
  • Zen and Ken sat at the table looking at the Chef pouring the Green Tea, serving them while he cut the Salmon and did the rice. Zen ordered 2 sets of Oishi Japanese Cuisine.
  • It contains 2 plates Raw Salmon, Tuna, Tamago Sushi, Shiitake Mushrooms with crab sticks Maki, Chawanmushi, Hokkaido Baked Wasabi Cheesy Scallop, Japanese Potato Salad, Miso Soup, and Cheese Cake. (Note that Ken is allergic to prawns, so Ebi opts-out.)
  • Ken immediately finds it strange, how Zen opt-out of Ebi in the menu. Since we all know that Ebi is famous for traditional Japanese delicacies. Ken did not question or ask Zen about it.
  • After the Chef has done everything, he tells Zen that he has completed everything and cleaned the kitchen, after they eating, just call for Room Service, someone will collect the used bowls and plates.
  • Zen sees Chef Walk into the lift go down and the lift automatic locks the door. (Note that while coming up in the room, needs to unlock the lift door for it to open, but when the person goes down it doesn't need a password.)
  • Zen says to Ken, “Let's eat.”
  • Ken just smiles happily and he enjoys the food that lies on the table.
  • After Ken eats immediately; Zen calls for room service to clear the bowls and plates; Zen orders Champagne. Ken didn't notice this.
  • Ken was on the sofa, relaxing, looking at the panoramic view, that's the reason he didn't notice Zen ordering the Champagne.
  • Zen sits beside Ken and he asks how his class is today?
  • Ken replies, “Next week we have a test for today's lesson.”
  • Zen says, “If you need me to teach you, I can help you with it.”
  • Ken says, “Oh... Do you know which subjects today I had? It's Maths and I am just unable to think of; too many numbers. It makes me go mad just by thinking of numbers.”
  • Zen says, “I can help you with it.”
  • Ken takes his bag and opens the textbook and asks questions; Zen teaches him. Ken is amazed, just how Zen teaches him is different from the class teacher. Ken can learn and understand the sums.
  • Zen hears a phone call; here comes the room service and the Champagne. Zen quickly presses in the password lift door opens; the cleaner quickly clears the used bowls and plates. She passes the Champagne to Zen and she leaves.
  • Zen opens the Champagne and pours it into the wine glass and gives it to Ken but Ken says, “I can't drink or else I will be drunk.”
  • Zen says, “Anyway, tonight you are not going home, you are staying here with me to accompany me as I have taught you Maths; treat it as a request from me and since now it's so late 11:30 pm, it's dangerous to go back now.”
  • Zen tells, “Ken to call his mother to inform her that he is not going back tonight.”
  • Ken says, “What should I tell her since I have never stayed away from home before?”
  • Zen says, “It's okay to go ahead and call her to let me talk to her.”
  • Ken calls and his mom answers the phone; Ken passes the phone to Zen and he informs her that Ken is staying with him for tonight.
  • Somehow, Ken's mom is so delightful and she agreed to let her son stay out with Zen.