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Chapter 3 In The Mansion

  • (Story left off in chapter 2)
  • Ken fainted in Zen's arms.
  • Ken wakes up in his deep sleep, and he sees a high ceiling. Putting his hand on the forehead as he feels a headache, Ken turns his head. He sees a man standing at the window, looking outside.
  • Ken gets up.
  • Zen sees Ken's awake, he quickly goes to him.
  • “Who are you? Where am I?”
  • “I am Zen; you are at my house now. You fainted in the valley. Do you remember?”
  • “Oh yes, I remember you saved me. Thank you for saving me; if you weren't there I could have been injured. I am Ken. I have never seen you before in the area. Are you local? Your hair is blonde, so nice. Have we met before?”
  • Zen says, “I came back from overseas. You slept the whole night, you must be hungry now, let's go down eat breakfast.”
  • Ken replies, “Okay”.
  • As Ken walks out of the room, he notices, this house is huge. There are many rooms. Ken wonders how many people are staying in this house.
  • The lighting of the walkway are dim.
  • Zen walks with Ken through the walkway in silence. They reach the dining area. Looking at the long table, Ken was amazed at the servants 5 of them, bringing all kinds of food to the table.
  • Another amazing look on Ken's face, Ken looks surprised because all the food on the table is his favourite. (“How is this possible,” Ken says, “All these are my favourite foods” in his heart.)
  • * Note that the brackets are Ken thinking in his mind without saying anything out.
  • Zen says, “Let’s eat”. Zen takes the vegetables for Ken on his plate.
  • Ken says, “Thank you”.
  • Zen says, “Eat as much as you want. If you want other foods let me know, I will ask them to prepare.”
  • Ken says, “This is enough, all these are my favourite food. Have we met before why I feel nostalgia”.
  • Zen smiled but didn't say anything.
  • As Ken eats, he finishes his food. Zen claps his hand, as another dish comes in.
  • Ken says, “Oh, there is another dish?”
  • “A dessert is the last dish,” Zen says.
  • As the dessert is placed on the table, Ken says, “This is my favourite dessert. Who are you? Why do you know what I like to eat?”
  • Zen smiled but didn't say anything.
  • After Ken ate his dessert, he says thanks for the meal. “I need to go back because tomorrow there are classes. I owe you a favour because of my life. Let me have your contact number, so I can keep in contact with you.”
  • Zen says, “Instead of contacting me, can I drive you to school every day?”
  • Ken looks surprised and says, “No, you already saved me, how can I trouble you to send me to school every day?”
  • Zen says, “You won't know if the 2 guys come back to you, maybe they know you or someone sends them?”
  • (Ken is thinking that makes sense too, since the incident happened near his workplace, in the Café.)
  • “Hmm... Okay.”