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Chapter 96 End

  • Today is the day of Thunder and Jewel's funeral, it took only five days because their parents don't want to spend more time and everyone understands that because it's not easy to lose a loved one. Nothing hurts more than a mother and father burying their own children.
  • Since the couple died it has had a huge impact on their eldest son Storm, he is often quiet and they only see him crying when he is in his parents ’room. For five days Storm did not leave the coffins of the two, he always sat there next to them and watched his father and mother sleep peacefully.
  • The couple's friends knew that it would be difficult for Storm to accept what had happened especially since he was close to his parents, unlike his youngest sister Kiara who was still young and did not yet know what was going on.
  • And now they are together to take the two to their final destination. All you can hear around you is people's cries because of the grief and pain that their family is feeling. Their other relatives were also there and Margaux was also there.
  • Their parents were the first to give the last message that deeply penetrated the people there. After all, you never know how much pain parents will feel if you are not in their position.
  • Calliyah and Dark came to give flowers, both in tears. "Best I don't know what to say, i-it's not like this is the goodbye I want to say but I want to say see you again. You have done many things to me, you are not only my best friend but for me you are my sister. It just pains me thinking that here we are saying farewell to the both of you, we will be separated and that I can no longer talk, joke and touch you. I will always treasure all the moments we have shared. I love you so much until the next life." Calliyah hurtful words.
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