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Chapter 31 Sorrow and Joy

  • Martin and Mrs. Zheng left together but they hardly talked.
  • After learning of how she selfishly duped him for the past years, he just couldn’t suppress his resentment. Not even if she was Joanne’s mother.
  • Furthermore, he had already confirmed the fact that he and Joanne used to love each other, it would be pointless to seek for more attestation. It would be more critical for him to focus on freeing her, and then hear the truth from her personally.
  • At last, it was finally explicable now, the reason Martin still fell for Joanne despite misunderstanding her as a vile, wicked person… He could only guess how strongly he loved her in the past…
  • This thought brought both heartiness and pain to Martin. Now he was nothing but thankful. Thankful to the goddess of fate and fortune that Joanne had escaped death, otherwise he would be a living meaninglessly for the rest of this life…
  • Martin gathered a team of esteemed attorneys, dissecting and tackling every detail from Joanne’s case. He also hired experienced criminal psychologists to attempt a breakthrough from Shirley’s side. After that, he blew the whistle on Shirley’s crime and appealed for a retrial.
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