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Chapter 21 Love Him, Lie to Him

  • Martin reacted instantly. The moment she lost balance, he dived forward, hugged her from the side and twisted his body in mid-air, so he can take on the impact on the ground.
  • As they fell together, Martin’s pupil dilated in shock.
  • How could an adult weigh so little?! She was just skin and bones!
  • “Joanne, you…”
  • Before he could speak, Joanne sprung up and crawled away from him. She curled up in the corner and trembled frightfully.
  • “Martin, I beg you… Please let me go! I didn’t kill anyone… I will prove my innocence, please give me some time… This is your child too… please don’t abort the baby, I beg you… Without the baby I would really die this time! Please Martin…”
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