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Chapter 18 He Is Going to Be a Father

  • Joanne’s right for medical care was refused due to the graveness of the crime she committed. However, because she was found pregnant and Sean’s medical report proved that her severe condition might cause acute death, her imprisonment was waived.
  • After a basic treatment in the central hospital, she was then sent to the prison hospital. Sean was by her side all the time.
  • The news of Joanne not dying had reached Martin the very next day…
  • Martin was waiting for his discharge letter from the hospital, the notebook had not once left his sight. The moment he learnt of this news, he hugged the notebook tightly and sighed a deep breath of relief…
  • It felt like a roller-coaster ride, he sank to the depths of hell and rose back up again.
  • Martin looked up, it was none other than he himself who sent Joanne to her demise… But after her death, he was struck with unbearable remorse.
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