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Until Death Do Us Apart

Until Death Do Us Apart

Update: 2021-07-16

Chapter 1 Shameless

  • In the president’s office.
  • It was a quiet, starless night. In the serenade of the dark, Joanne stood up and sat back down again for the fifth time. Another quick glance on her phone’s clock only seemed to confirm that time was still crawling unhurriedly...
  • She felt a soft panic that grew and faded from time to time.
  • Today, the young woman made up her mind to give away her precious first time.
  • She wore a rather tight, wine red dress; the top low-cut and leaving little to the imagination, the dress slit high to reveal a laced undergarment, and her long, sensuous legs sliding on the bed invitingly.
  • Her daring sensuality would’ve drawn any man in. But, Joanne had no confidence.
  • This man hated her. Will he accept her?
  • *Click*
  • Joanne hissed a shallow breath and looked towards the door.
  • A man stood there in all black and he pinned his eyes on her. She watched his eyes turned darker as she slid one leg out and curled the other up a little. His mouth went dry and swallowed the sudden lump in his throat.
  • The moment he recalled her vile and wickedness, he suppressed the burning desire that was consuming him. A layer of coldness shrouded his eyes.
  • “Get out.”
  • This detesting attitude of his had tormented her for three years.
  • But hadn’t they loved each other like a single soul inhabiting two bodies?
  • Throughout their 3 years marriage, the man had been hateful and even worse, indifferent towards her. He was hardly home.
  • Joanne shed her pride and sorrow and walked up to him. She took his hand and had him lift her left leg, with her knee to his waist, while she placed her hands around his waist.
  • “But I am craving for a man… You don’t know how many lonely and sleepless night I’ve been through…”
  • The sheepish and reserved woman made her best attempt to seduce him.
  • “Satisfy me tonight, and I will do the divorce paper with you tomorrow. Then you can be with Shirley openly thereafter… sounds great right?”
  • Her eyes dimmed in melancholy and distress. How could any woman hand out their lover to a foe?
  • He callously pushed her away and the loathe in his eyes were plain as pikestaff.
  • “I have never seen a woman as shameless as you.”
  • Joanne had even disregarded her own life, what was the trouble to behaving shamefully?
  • At the very least, she wanted to give the love of her life the eternal right on her body and mind…
  • That would be her final console when she bid her last goodbye.
  • She obstinately flung her arms around his neck and pushed her lips against his, swallowing him in a kiss.
  • “Take me… You must take me tonight!”
  • Martin shoved her away violently, wiping his lips in disgust.
  • But Joanne swooped down towards him and ran her hands down south. She looked at him provocatively and began to unzip him pants.
  • “Come on~ do me! Or can it be…you actually have some ‘problem’?”
  • Martin could almost hear an audible crack in his mind, and the self-possessed man suddenly erupted.
  • He flipped the woman over and pressed forcefully on her back. She was on all fours and her lustrous black hair cascaded down. He tore her tiny piece of black lace garment and entered her raw and violently.
  • “Setting me up gives you so much pleasure!?”
  • Colours left Joanne’s face as she felt the painful abrasion. It was like she is being ripped apart.
  • “Pleasure? Haha! Yes, so much pleasure!!”
  • Tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. His cruel words stabbed her mercilessly like a knife.
  • Joanne and Martin had known each other since childhood. She came from a humble background and dared not associate herself with him.
  • He doggedly courted after her for years and did not stop at anything.
  • 3 years ago, he went as far as to break his engagement, turned against his own family for the sake of marrying her and vowed a future together.
  • On the fateful day of their registration, they came across a horrific secret and accident happened.
  • He was declared brain dead and as an effort to save him, she willingly underwent an off record in vivo experiment to save him.
  • After countless drug testing and severe damage on her nervous system, she brought him back to life.
  • However, their story did not end in a happily ever after…
  • He lost his memory.
  • The cursed secret was too destructive to him and in order to shield him from the truth, Joanne had to swallow all the anguish and dared not tell him anything regarding their past. She had to protect his memory at all cost and let nothing trigger it back up
  • As a result, Martin’s family spewed lies and manipulated him into believing it was Joanne that set him up to make him forsake his family and marry her…
  • However, the naive woman had been loyal and confident to their love. She whole-heartedly believed that Martin will love her all over again despite losing all the memories of their past.
  • But she was terribly mistaken.
  • It didn’t matter what she does, her man was already long gone…
  • Joanne bit her lips and weathered the painful impacts. She held him tightly and acted in concert with him.
  • Her enthusiasm brought him to cloud nine but he was also simmering in anger.
  • This woman used underhanded means to force him into marriage.
  • She disappeared the moment when he was in critical condition after the accident.
  • Once he recovered, she came back again to trap him…
  • He slammed into her harder and harder, venting his frustration and wrath.
  • And the strong stimulation of pain and pleasure finally broke Joanne. Her face convulsed violently and she could feel her face twisting and deforming!