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Chapter 15

  • Charles's POV
  • I got into my car parked behind the café reminiscing on how Helena turned me down and how I spoke to her. I felt unhappy for what I said and her silence then was what was bothering me immensely. I pondered on what she would be thinking of me now. "A crazy mean jerk as always," I said aloud and banged my right palm on the steering. Why would I care? I have always been like this and that won't change. I suddenly came down from the car and I headed to the café to tell her to be back home quickly. As soon as I got there, I saw her sitting with a guy, having a meal with him and speaking with him. A tinge of anger ran through my veins as I watched her, my fists clenched. She didn't want to have coffee with me a while ago saying she was on duty but now she's having a meal and chatting with a guy.
  • "What a fucking sly woman!" I cursed beneath my breath. "Is that her boyfriend or a total stranger?," I wondered. "Well, I care less. To hell with Helena," I scoffed and went back to my car, I entered and zoomed off furiously.
  • After driving round the city in rage I finally got home by 8pm and went up to my room,changed into a jogger and pullover, stumped to the bar counter and poured myself a glass of whisky. I gulped down the full glass not minding Nanny Rita who was staring at me through the kitchen interior window and reminscened on what happened earlier in the day at the cafe. Nanny Rita walked up to me and asked with a worried look on her face.
  • "what happened seem devastated". I smirked and filled my glass."son?" she called out and I ignored her stern gaze and grabbed the glass to gulp down the drink,but raising it up to my mouth,She held my hand and took the glass. she placed it aside and I snarled and pushed the glass away to the floor with my fist letting the drink spill on floor and glass scattered within. Nanny Rita looked at me in shock as I came down from the bar stool and yelled. "she fucking knows how to tell lies. who the hell does that bitch think she is to turn me down again.?"
  • "Son, who is that...?"
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