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Chapter 11

  • Helena's POV
  • I got to Charles's room door step and stood there with a tray and a cup of coffee on it. I was battling on whether to knock first or go in when the door was forcefully flung open and Charles rushed out almost bumping into me. He glanced at me and said, "So you finally decided to show up with my coffee?"
  • "Were you waiting for me?" I stupidly cut in and he gave me a stern look.
  • "Why would I? I was just coming to board your flight to come serve me my coffee since I thought it was necessary," Charles jokingly said with a serious face and I chuckled. "You? Hey, you just laughed?"
  • "Nah, why would I hm? Anyways get off my way so I can drop your coffee," I said and he went inside. I sighed and followed him behind. Getting inside, I placed the tray on the center table and turned around to leave but bumped into Charles, banging my forehead on his rocky chest. "Aaaawwwnnn!" I cried out.
  • "Hey, watch out silly dumdum," he scoffed.
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