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Chapter 25 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

  • Andrea
  • Our second day outreach program consisted of the same routine. It was around ten when we arrived in the village of the Gallic Tribe. This tribe, I could say, was a tad bit less civilized than the Treveri Tribe. They still have colorful beaded headdresses and outrageous costumes worn by most adult men and women but the designs were more sophisticated in the other tribe. Their skin complexion was far darker than the former too. Their children wore improvised cloths made of cow and snake skin and they have weird tattoo designs in the shoulders, neck and back.
  • We started the program first with me, of course, as the emcee. Almost all of the tribesmen and children were gathered inside a large open-space tent we had set-up.
  • Luckily, the group who danced and played the bongo last night around the bonfire accepted my proposition when I told them about it inside the bus. They were the ones who opened the program while my group yesterday readied themselves for another song and dance number.
  • After the opening dance, I climbed back up in the makeshift elevation and eyed my audience with a big smile. Immediately as I did this, my eyes caught a very familiar face. It was Eriol, looking back at me and standing handsomely behind the audience wearing another drool-worthy branded outfit.
  • I didn’t panic knowing already that I was the only one seeing him.
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