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Chapter 18 — Alexandra

  • I was in the middle of devouring some chocolate covered strawberries when Bill walked over, a glass of punch in one hand.
  • “I think you're a little lost. The bar's that way,” I pointed across the room before turning and dipping a ripe red strawberry into the chocolate fountain.
  • The buffet was a smorgasbord of color and the only thing worth my attention for now.
  • Most of the conversation revolved around lighting and make up and how expensive the entire costume of the movie was and how well it would do in the box office.
  • I found my mind drifting to Carson on more than one occasion. He would've been the best person to deal with the snobs because the I-don't-tolerate-nonsense air that seemed to cling to him was quite palpable.
  • “I just came over to say I'm sorry, about what happened in the car.”
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