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Chapter 15 — Alexandra

  • With a sigh I plopped on the couch and closed my eyes.
  • I was still in the sundress I'd chosen for tonight and even though the long sleeves were starting to itch terribly I didn't want to get out of them. Didn't want this night to end.
  • I stretched out my legs in front of me and was again amazed by the beauty of the heels on my feet.
  • I had no idea that he was going to get me something as stunning as these shoes and seeing as how he didn't ask his assistant, AKA me, to pick something out, this one must have come from the heart.
  • Or maybe you're just reading meaning into a pair of really, really, would-probably-feed-a-family-of-four, expensive shoes.
  • I sighed and was pulling my hair into a ponytail when the clink of metal on glass made me look up.
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