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Chapter 7 CHAPTER 7

  • Carmie never left Rhianne's side as they started eating their breakfast that morning. She always asked Rhianne what food she wanted to eat and Carmie will personally put it on her plate. Even if she was not used to it, Rhianne just let her mother do whatever she pleased. Rhianne had already forgotten how it feels like to have a mother. To see her new mother being caring and attentive towards her feels weird.
  • "Do you still want another pancake? You can also try this waffle. You like eating these waffles with chocolate cream and sliced strawberry-" Carmie stopped herself from speaking and quickly looked at Rhianne's expression. "Sorry. I just got carried away."
  • "No. It is okay." Rhianne said. "Uhm...Can I say something?"
  • Rhianne took a deep breath before looking at the three people sitting with her at the dining table.
  • "As you all know, I can't remember anything. To be honest, you are all strangers in my eyes right now."
  • Rhianne paused a little to looked at their expression. Carmie and Tim looked hurt while Francis looked at Rhianne with an anxious expression.
  • "But... I can feel an invisible connection between us."
  • That part was the truth. Maybe it was the connection that the character Rhianne Cartel formed with her family before she took over her body. Rhianne can feel that she can trust and rely on these people.
  • "Because of it, I want to start over. I may or may not remember the things in the past, but I have not been wanting to dwell on them forever. If I can remember my old memories, then that would be good. If I can't remember those memories at all..."
  • Rhianne looked at her new family again and smiled at them.
  • "Then I want to make new memories with my family."
  • Rhianne had a lot of theories in her head on how did she ended up as Rhianne Cartel. One of them was when Rhianne got involved in a bus accident, Rhianne Cartel fell in the pool at the same time. But for some unexplainable reason, she was occupying Rhianne Cartel's body. It only means that the real Rhianne Cartel was forever gone.
  • "I want to start from the beginning. I want to know all the things about my family. I want to know all about myself all over again. I want to know what kind of person am I. But as I plan to do this, I may not be the same Rhianne that you all used to know after this. I am afraid that you will find me weird and different."
  • Thinking about it, she felt guilty for her new family. They did not know what happened to the real Rhianne. She also considered admitting the truth to them, but when Rhianne witnessed their broken-hearted expressions when they heard she had amnesia due to her accident, Rhianne decided to keep her mouth shut.
  • Rhianne can't bear to hurt these people even if she was not really familiar with them. So she made a silent promise to the real Rhianne Cartel. She will love and care for her family on behalf of the real Rhianne Cartel. Rhianne will never let them down and will change their fate. Since she knows what will be the ending of the Cartel family, she will do her best to avoid it.
  • Both Tim and Carmie feel a lot of emotions when they heard what their daughter said just now. It hurts to hear when Rhianne said they were all strangers in her eyes. Just thinking about what kind of suffering she was enduring right now gives a prick on Carmie's heart. Carmie wanted to take all of her pain and suffering if it's possible.
  • Francis was also the same. The siblings have a harmonious relationship with each other. During the times when Rhianne was unconscious in the hospital, he silently blamed himself. If only he properly took care of Rhianne while they were having fun in the pool at that time, she may never be in this situation.
  • Their silence made Rhianne fidgety on her seat. No one dared to speak a word. They were all silent and looking at her with different expressions. Did she say something wrong?
  • "Uhm... You do not... Like it?"
  • Instead of answering, the three stand up from their seats and each one of them hugged Rhianne. It really surprised Rhianne, but she did not push them away from her. Instead, Rhianne awkwardly wrapped her arms around their neck. The last person to hug her was Carmie.
  • "Remember this, my dear. No matter what happens to you or what changes you are doing to yourself, it does not matter to us. As long as we see you happy and smiling, that is enough for us. You will always be a big part of our family."
  • "...Thank you."
  • This time, Rhianne had a lot of things to be thankful for. But above all, she was really thankful for these people.
  • Her new family.
  • As she tightened her hold on her mother, she vowed in her heart to treasure and love these people with all her might. Even in this way, she can pay their kindness and understanding to her.